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Initial inspection of this puzzle reveals, by all appearances, a standard padlock with two keys. You will soon realise it does not operate as expected and you must explore its secrets before you discover how to unlock the shackle. Finding the multi-step solution has kept many seasoned puzzlers scratching their heads for some time.

This puzzle is designed to be challenging and difficult to solve. It is intended for puzzle enthusiasts and collectors and is not suitable for children.

The first 200 copies made get stamped with a unique consecutive serial number.

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Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm

Andrew Coles


Puzzle Lock / Trick Lock

6 reviews for Lock Out

  1. goetz (verified owner)

    A very well made puzzle trick lock made out of an Abus lock with some surprising tricks:

    This lock comes with two keys, which should open the shackle, like you would expect from a padlock — but, they don’t! Several discoveries have to be made to open this lock, and I really like the new tricks I haven’t seen in any trick lock before (and I have seen quite some of them!).

  2. jasondsmithers (verified owner)

    Fresh take on a puzzle lock! I was getting a little tired of this category and Andrew did a few things that made me smile. Really cool ’aha’ moment! Definitely a must have.

  3. Michael Quigley (verified owner)

    I truly wonderful puzzle that is simple and difficult, obvious and deceiving. But once you find those steps that make everything click you really appreciate the design and build.

    Great puzzle.

  4. c_thomas (verified owner)

    This lock is a marvel of ingenuity and engineering, and has some unique secrets that take some puzzling; be prepared for some frustration leading to wonderful insights.
    Big thanks to Kevin S for his sage advice (= “Look!…… Think!”).
    A wonderful, very satisfying puzzle lock
    Can’t wait for your next creation!

  5. Robb8765 (verified owner)

    For me Lock Out is an instant classic puzzle lock. Very nice quality of the lock, great ah-moments along the way, unique steps and just a lot of fun (with a nice level of frustration) to solve. Looking very much forward to new innovative lock designs!

  6. jesse

    Very clever solution. Had a great time trying to figure this lock out, had me stumped for a fair while. Andrew is a great communicator and was available to point me in the right direction without spoiling the solution!

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