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On initial inspection this puzzle has the appearance of a standard padlock with two keys. You will soon discover it does not operate as expected and you must explore its secrets before you find a way to open the shackle.

Each copy of this puzzle is engineered by hand and produced in small batches. If you would like to join a waiting list for this puzzle, please simply register an account here.

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Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm

Andrew Coles


Puzzle Lock / Trick Lock

2 reviews for Lock Out

  1. goetz (verified owner)

    A very well made puzzle trick lock made out of an Abus lock with some surprising tricks:

    This lock comes with two keys, which should open the shackle, like you would expect from a padlock — but, they don’t! Several discoveries have to be made to open this lock, and I really like the new tricks I haven’t seen in any trick lock before (and I have seen quite some of them!).

  2. jasondsmithers (verified owner)

    Fresh take on a puzzle lock! I was getting a little tired of this category and Andrew did a few things that made me smile. Really cool ’aha’ moment! Definitely a must have.

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