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This puzzle lock aims to deviate from convention. Rather than the standard padlock that collectors have become familiar with, this ‘shutter’ style lock utilises a cylindrical bolt-like shackle. As usual, a simple key turn is not going to get you very far, but with some patience and attention you can work towards finding the solution.

This puzzle is designed to be approachable with a medium level of difficulty. It is intended for puzzle enthusiasts and collectors and is not suitable for children.

The first 200 copies made get stamped with a unique consecutive serial number.

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Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm

Andrew Coles


Puzzle Lock / Trick Lock

8 reviews for Mind the Gap

  1. Michael Quigley (verified owner)

    Another amazing lock from Andrew Coles, that is elegant, clever and unique. A must have lock for every puzzler.

  2. goetz (verified owner)

    An excellent puzzle lock! This one has more to discover than the first one, but I am not sure which one has the more surprising tricks. These two locks are quite different and I like the solution of this even better, and I am looking forward to what will come as the next puzzle lock!

  3. dominickendrick (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed the second puzzle from Andrew. Some great “ah ha” moments, with a satisfying solution! Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  4. pinguinxxx (verified owner)

    Excellent! Took a lot of thought and playing with it to arrive at the “aha!” moment, very fresh solution!

  5. gsyriaque (verified owner)

    Incredibly fun puzzle lock! I look forward to future releases

  6. Eckkinder (verified owner)

    Interesting idea, very entertaining in it’s execution and something I have never seen in any kind of mechanical puzzle I own.

  7. williamja3435 (verified owner)

    Fantastic design executed well. Very satisfying, kinetic solution that was fairly achieved with careful observation and thought. Absolutely loved it.

  8. Robb8765 (verified owner)

    I am also a big fan of Mind the Gap. A nice step forward in innovative mechanisms and aha-moments. Again I enjoyed this lock puzzle very very much. Very curious for your new designs!

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